1 03 2007

I’m in a very strange mood today. I woke up feeling too low to do anything real today (which isn’t all that unusual these days, I’m struggling a lot) but the difference was that I decided to just let go and enjoy it. I do this occasionally, but even when I give myself “the day off” I have this cloud of guilt hanging over my head and I think, “If only I’d gotten _____ done I would be able to enjoy this break!” *rolling my eyes at myself* For some reason today I don’t have that. In fact, I’m pretty much free of any worries at the moment. I just sent a confrontational e-mail to someone with no stress about it. I’m not terrified of taking M to ballet tonight (b/c you know, she puked once after ballet and I’m, apparently, scarred for life now). I’ve spent all morning on the computer digging up ooooold posts for my AP board’s “birthday” today and I’m not feeling the least bit guilty over it. Weird, huh? Oh, well, I’m gonna enjoy it while it lasts. It’s only a matter of time before my usual life-long anxiety sets in. Woo!




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2 03 2007
lola coca-cola

Sweetie, I feel for you, and have the exact same stuff happening off and on–I’m glad you can enjoy yourself today!

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