Short Rows

28 02 2007

calorimetry from above
Originally uploaded by zebrabelly.

I had no idea what the hell “short rows” were before starting this little project, but I kicked their asses, did I not?




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28 02 2007
lola coca-cola

I have no idea what they are, either, but you kicked their little butts.

28 02 2007

Hot damn, I have that pattern printed out in my knitting bag, just waiting for me to actually DO IT, lol. It looks supah fly – you sho’ did kick some short-row butt! 🙂

28 02 2007

Kicked in gear, indeed. Good work!

1 03 2007

I can’t even knit regularly. And I don’t know what short rows are but whatever they are, they are lookin’ damn fine on your head.

1 03 2007

B E A U T I F U L!!!!! Nice job, Mama…… and you are just GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

1 03 2007

Niiiiice. I did one for a swap and couldn’t find the camera to take a photo AND haven’t gotten any acknowedgement from teh recipient.
Kinda annoying. But it was a fun pattern so I’ll just have to knit it again.

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