Bathroom Fun!

13 02 2007

You know, I’ve always wanted a waterfall in my bathroom. Well, I’m not sure I actually ever thought about, but I was lucky enough to GET a waterfall in my bathroom yesterday! And I didn’t have to pay for it or anything! It installed itself! What could be cooler?

I don’t know, maybe being able to pee without an umbrella maybe. Yeah, that would be nice.

All the trouble started last week. I mentioned the haunted bath, right? Turned out to be a “main line backup” blah blah blah. Ask me what a main line is, I dare you. It is: a line that is main. See? I know plumbing stuff, too.

Anyway, two days before that we woke up (why this all happens at 6am, I have no idea. Oh, wait, yes I do, my neighbors take baths at LITERALLY all hours of the night 2am, 4am… It’s bizarre.)… I’m not sure how to gramatically end that sentence. Anyway, we woke up to the ceiling fan drip-drip-driping over the toilet. Also? The ceiling paint was all bubbled. Not so good, eh? Called the landlord and the verdict was for a new bathtub for the upstairs bath-addicts (hey, you could be addicted to worse things!).

The Haunted Tub Incident was, apparently, unrelated. It was a bad week for bathrooms.

Anyway, work began yesterday and turns out it’s quite loud business. Not that I was surprised, but did it have to begin right at naptime?? And then there was, of course, the waterfall. But no one knew were the water was coming from. It tapered off, and even stopped for awhile, but began dripping quickly again yesterday evening so we’ve redecorated in there with a nice pink wastebasket to catch the water and mis-matched towels to prevent us from falling and cracking our heads. Nice.

bathroom problems

view from below

Theory goes all will be fixed by Thursday. Please? Please?!




One response

14 02 2007

Aw, man. Bathroom issues are never fun, especially leaky ones. All over the floor.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you that it’s all better by Thursday! 🙂

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