Do the Math

10 02 2007

(How many of you are whistling “The Hustle” now?)

Yesterday was quite possibly the worst normal parenting day I’ve ever had. Cause, you know there was E’s broken arm and M’s cath experience when she had a UTI, but as for normal days? Never has one come close to the spectacular events of yesterday.

So today? I ran away. First I slept in, then I went shopping and out to lunch with Melissa. After that we went to a henna party and got painted. And then, for dessert, she took me to dinner and a movie. And the movie? Was Epic. How epic, you ask? 71 minutes of epic. To translate, that’s an hour and 11 minutes. But it FELT like three hours. It was tedious. We sat through the credits to see if there was anything worth is and we discovered what was so epic about it… THE CREDITS. Yes, they are – I swear to you – fifteen minutes long. That’s almost 25% of the whole MOVIE! Do the math! Cause mine’s a little fuzzy! More exclamation points!


In case you were wondering we laughed about 5 times. All in all, I’d say, stay home and watch Space Balls again, if given the choice. But then, I’d choose Space Balls over many, many movies. May the Schwartz be with you!




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