Fess up!

6 02 2007

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This afternoon, I noticed my little son chewing something. I asked him what was in his mouth and – I swear – he RAN from me! Hee! When I finally tackled him, I retrieved this gum from his mouth! I laughed so hard, I literally fell to my knees. And then I proceeded to Freak The Hell Out.

I called my husband at work and begged him to say the gum was his. It wasn’t. I even called my landlord and blamed him for it, since I thought he might have been in the house today since we woke up to a leaky bathroom ceiling (nice!).

Here I was beginning to freak out because we’d spent the morning at a particularly nasty playground, and while I was pretty sure I would have noticed him chewing it about an hour earlier, I could see no other reason.

In the end I have deduced that E must have found it in the couch, leftover from a friend’s pocket the other night. This is my only hope. You, there! Fess up! Please oh PLEASE tell me it’s your gum. Even if it’s not. Lie to me. Because playground gum is frickin-frackin NASTY whereas couch gum is FINE.





7 responses

6 02 2007

um. well. I do chew a lot of gum. And it’s entirely feasible it’s mine, but for me to confirm, you will have to verify the brand and flavor.

So do I get the prize?

7 02 2007

Something minty (also another hint he’d only been chewing it for a few minutes!) and I’m guessing something like Trident with a papery thin wrapper that he could have just eaten. Because, I found no wrapper anywhere…. Weird kid.

7 02 2007

Not mine…yuck!

7 02 2007

Hmm. I’m not doing minty these days. Right now it’s Orbit Lemon-Lime. Damn. And I so wanted that prize.

8 02 2007

Oh yuck yuck yuck.

8 02 2007

Vickii, I said LIE to me, ok? OK.

10 02 2007

It’s mine. Sorry.

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