I blog, therefore I Flickr

3 02 2007

I was just telling people yesterday that I needed a shirt that says this. (And, yes, I realize it’s long and cumbersome. Personally, I think that’s the charm in it, and others may disagree if they like. But they’d be wrong.) If I wear the shirt places, it won’t be so embarassing when I take a picture of my lunch, or the bruise on my son’s forehead – the shirt will explain it all. Once someone takes the time to stop me and ask me about it and then maybe get a magnifying glass to read the words. But it’s CHARMING.

Anyway, irony kicked my ass today when we went to Balboa Park and I forgot my camera. Yes. And you know what? I cried. Yeah. It may sound juvenile, but listen to all the pictures I didn’t get to take!

-My son asleep on my shoulder.
-Grand total of six different brides. One whose groomsmen were all dressed in zoot suits followed by a flock of at least 10 little girls in lavendar dresses, and one whose groomsmen
were dressed in 70’s-esque flowered shirts and polyester pants. Awesome.
-The didgeridoo man.
-Baby E’s first train ride. He was not impressed.
-Countless amazing portraits and videos of my children running and playing together.
-Some amazing spotted raptor that I wondered if it has escaped from the zoo cause I’ve never seen anything like it locally before. And I’m SUCH the big bird expert you know. *snort*

So, you can see, I had reason to cry. I blog… therefore I Flickr.




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4 02 2007

I would’ve cried too.

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