1 02 2007

If I could choose every single one of the variables about tomorrow, here is how I would spend my birthday:

I would sleep in just a little bit – by. my. self! – and then wake up to a pot of delicious coffee. Fresh homemade peach cobbler for breakfast and then we’d get ready to go!

I suppose I can’t control the weather, but if I could, I would make it snow in the mountains and we’d drive up there for the morning. We would make snowballs and toss them at trees and each other. We’d make tiny snowmen and muddy snow angels and drink hot chocolate out of a thermos (which is just a dream anyway, because I do not have a thermos!).

Towards noontime, we’d drive up to Julian and have lunch in the diner. We would each choose a piece of candy and maybe we’d have a piece of pie before heading home. But probably not.

In the afternoon, my best friend would go with me to get my nose pierced and we’d head home for dinner. Since this is a fantasy anyway, there is no rush-hour traffic. Also my personal chef has made my favorite dinner, whatever that is.

In the evening, we’ll have the traditional birthday brownies and ice cream and maybe play some games after the kiddies go to bed.

Stay up way too late giggling and enjoying the evening but it’s OK, cause the husband will let me sleep in late late LATE the next day.

And I will be 29.




4 responses

1 02 2007

Sounds perfect! Hoping I can be part of the brownie part.

2 02 2007

That’s so odd, I was just thinking exactly the same thing about the brownies and ice cream. Maybe because it’s dinner time here, but, mmm, the picture of brownies and ice cream looked so good in my head.
I’ll bring my own spoon to save you the washing up 😉

3 02 2007

Happy belated birthday, Bons!

5 02 2007

From Bill at We saw that you mentioned the word “thermos” in your blog and want to send you one!

email us and let us know what model works best for you.

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