On the Subject of Puke

26 01 2007

I should never post that I have nothing to blog. Because then Life will find me something to blog. And I don’t want that.

Last night M came out of her ballet class conplaining of a tummy ache. Which isn’t unusual in and of itself, but because I am bothering to torture you all with this story blog about it at all, you can see where this is going, right? We didn’t even get inside the house before dinner was all over the floor. Or maybe I should be glad that we didn’t get inside the house yet.

My husband spent the rest of the evening trying to come up with an explanation: Maybe she ate too mauch before she danced? Maybe the food was bad? Maybe… Um… Maybe she has a bug? Huh?

I hate puke. Having an alcoholic mother guaranteed that for me. I get weak and nervous. Small sounds make me jump. I can’t relax and I get shaky. Emotionally, I shut down. But secretly so as not to scar the kids for life. Yes, I am a good mother that way. Someday when they are grown I’ll tell them all I sacrificed for them and they will say, “Yeah, we know.” And I will say, “Well, at least I tried.” No, seriously, I really do a very good job hiding my psychosis.

Funny thing or bad omen? About a year and a half ago, we ran into a family at the library who took us across the street to their homeschool charter program and showed us around. That afternoon, M came down with a stomach bug. Yesterday, guess where we were? Yup! That same charter school – registering M for EAK (my girl’s growing UP!). Should I take this as a Sign? Or just a coincidence? You decide.




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28 01 2007

We just got over the stomach bug here too. When I drop my oldest off at Kindergarten, I don’t let my two year olds feet even touch the floor. I feel like that place is crawling with Rotavirus :0)

29 01 2007

You and I have nearly the exact same psychosis about puke, although mine was not caused by the same reasons yours were. But the jumpiness? Emotional shutdown? Yeah, I get all that. Also, I am EXTREMELY superstitious (careful?) about everything. If I last puked after eating Chinese food at 5 p.m. on a Saturday in January 1989…I will never eat Chinese at 5 p.m. on a Saturday again. Because I’m odd like that.

30 01 2007

Oh, yes, I am SO superstitious like that!!

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