23 01 2007

There is currently a dead spider on my bathroom floor. Even though it’s about 1/10 the size of this guy, I will not touch it. I have no problem with giant cockroaches or even crickets, but spiders? No way, man! This is a job for The Husband! In any case, for whatever reason (procrastination), he hasn’t gotten around to it yet and earlier in the day my daughter asked me to clean it up (if by “asked” I mean demanded rudely in that way that only almost-five-year-olds can do) and I told her I wouldn’t (how mature!). She asked me why and I told her, “I hate spiders!” She paused for a second and then declared, “Well, that doesn’t make any sense!”

(And one more parenthetical comment!)




One response

22 11 2008

haha, sounds like me! fond your post through the “related post” list that appears under my posts…cause, eh, we both kind of have a dead spider in our bathrooms:p

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