I’m getting my hair did.

20 01 2007

I decided awhile ago that I wanted something FUNKY done with my hair. So I was going to put streaks in it and then dye the whole lot dark purple. But when it came down to it, my best friend was too scared to put the streaks in my hair so she decided to take me to her stylist. I’m not exactly sure what I’ll end up with, and I don’t much care so long as it’s CUTE and FUNKY and will look good with a nose piercing. But, just for vanity’s sake here’s a before picture:

And here’s another from before I got a cut. As you can see, I’m not so good at getting regular haircuts.

Stay tuned for the results and wish me luck, yo!




5 responses

20 01 2007
lola coca-cola

Sistah, you are effing cute. And I just have to note that the word verification below says “errkh.” That’s funny. (not strange funny, haha funny)

20 01 2007
Lily & Anya's Mom

Wait, I’m confused. Is the top photo before or after? What’s happening? I’m so freaking lost.

But no matter what’s the haps, Lorien is right. You’re adorable!

20 01 2007

Oops, sorry! The top one is current. The bottom one is from a couple weeks ago before I got it cut again.

21 01 2007
Wannabe Hippie

See, what threw me was that you’re wearing what appears to be the same shirt. I was flummoxed… I’m all better now. Heck, I even changed my login name, so I must be feeling more sane.

21 01 2007

Yes, that’s a funny coincidence! I thought about wearing it for the finished verstion, too, but decided on the more “hip” shirt instead.

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