Big Brother Saves the Day!

20 01 2007

Sometimes Big Brother comes in darn handy.

I bought this coffeemaker for myself as a Christmas present with some money my dad sent. And then? It died. It just stopped working! In the morning, the clock was on, in the evening it was not and no amount of cord-wiggling would fix it. My ever-helpful husband suggested I should maybe plug it in and I promptly wrung his neck because it WAS plugged in!

Now, I always take extra care to save every reciept I might need – I have them all organized in a file – because more and more places are getting reallllly picky about not allowing returns without one. But this one? Nope, it got lost.

The good news? I paid with my debit card! Since The Man is so nosy and keeps records of every dang thing ever, he had a record of my purchase of this product! Woo! So I returned it with no problems.

And the best part? Was that the coffeemaker decided to die the week Target had it on SALE so I actually got it for $11 cheaper than originally! Yippee!

Maybe the information era isn’t so scary, after all. I mean, sure, there are refridgerators that tell you when you need more milk (and likely send that info straight to the Pentagon, too!) but they also save you when you do something dumb like losing the one reciept that ends up being important. So, thank you, The Man. Thank you.




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