The Prisoner

19 01 2007

We are watching this old show called The Prisoner right now. Frankly? It’s just a big Lost ripoff. Yes, I realize it’s, technically 37 years older than Lost, but those are just details. I can’t be bothered with details. But, seriously. There’s a guy stuck on some weird-ass island with a whole bunch of other people? And this island also has a (roaring) security system that eats people. But this island’s security system is laaaaaame. My husband says I should give them a break on their special effects, but I say they just weren’t trying hard enough.

The first episode was pretty intriguing, all outdated special “effects” aside. But the second episode, went nowhere. Or, maybe it wasn’t the second episode. It’s hard to tell, because – perhaps it’s part of the “charm” of this show – but THERE IS NO ORDER to the episodes. My husband even has a fancy hardcover book devoted entirely to this show, and the book could not give us an answer, either. In fact, the DVD is so “charming” that they’ve just mixed it all up and there is no order whatsoever to the episodes! I figured Patrick McGoohan must be dead or something since there is so much controversy, but apparently not. Why won’t someone ask him?! Logic, people, it’s not so hard! Probably he’s just sitting there wondering why all the geeks fans of the show won’t ask him, but they are afraid of not looking artsy enough or something. If you all would only work on your communication skills, we might not be in this mess right now.


So, anyway, the second episode we watched went nowhere. In this episode (I don’t consider these spoilers as the entire episode seemed to be irrelevant to me, but skip this paragraph if you must) Number Six (he is given a number instead of a name. Frankly, if he starts out as Number Six, instead of, say, Number 167, that’s not so bad, in my opinion) anyway, Number Six runs for the office of Number Two. Which is just FUNNY if you have 4-year-old humor or if you are a boy. In the end, he wins the election (it was rigged! rigged!) and gets almost immediately demoted to Number Six again. For some reason. However, this isn’t to say the episode wasn’t worth my time. I quite enjoyed the Humorous Squint™ Number Six employed when he was trying to look suspicious.

The fact is, this guy is pretty bratty, if you ask me. He wakes up in this quaint little town where everyone is friendly and you can play chess all day long. They talk about work, but no one ever does, as far as I can tell, and it’s just plain beautiful. But all he does is complain and threaten to leave. Anyone speaks to him and he spouts off a vitriolic “Why!?” while wearing the Humorous Squint™ . I say: sit back, relax, enjoy some chess with that old crazy guy and enjoy your sugarless tea. I mean, at least you HAVE tea. Those Losties sure don’t! You ingate! What Arthur Dent wouldn’t do for some tea right about now.

And NOW who’s the geek???

I’m just waiting for the dang flamingos. The episode of The Simpsons which alluded to this show had flamingos and I want flamingos!




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