18 01 2007

She has always had symptoms of Sensory Integration Dysfunction disorder and has often seemed borderline “spirited” to me, so any trip to the dentist for her is usuall pure Hell. Between her gag reflex and people touching her all over inside a sensitive area, I used to have to hold her down while she scremed for the simplest of exams. Of course with her dental history I had no choice in the matter, either. If she’d had perfect teeth from birth, I might have let a checkup here or there slide. In any case, now that she is four years old, she is just maturing all over the place! Her front cap chipped badly last week and so I took her in, fearing the worst (baby root canal!!!!) but they fixed it right there. And she? WAS AWESOME. She told the dentist that she liked to know each thing that was going to happen to her, and that she wanted to see each tool first. And she laid there perfectly still and just watched the TV. !!! I was so proud, my heart swelled and I thought it was going to burst through my rib cage! Luckily it didn’t, because that would be disgusting. But I was proud. And relieved. And also relieved.

Our current homeschool project, apparently, is to turn our house into a museum, so each piece of art she makes is now an “exhibit” and my buffet-thingie (technical term) that I keep family photos on has been taken over by a managerie of various animals. I think we are mostly a Natural History Museum. The other day, while we were working on animal “exhibits”, we were recording facts about the animals and she knew more than I ever expected. She even named me the animals defenses all on her own! I cannot believe how much she is growing right now, it amazes me daily. Often several times a day! I plan to get a video of her guding us on a tour when we are all done (if we are ever all done!), and I got the most AWESOME picture of her “docent” uniform the other day. But I will not post it, because, in her museum, apparently, pants are optional in docent-ware. If I know you and you want, I will e-mail you the photo because it seriously cracks me up. I assure you that, if and when I take a video, there will be pants!

(OT and FTR, I am aware that commas are supposed to go inside quotes according to the “rules” of grammar, but, in my HUMBLE opinion, that looks – in a word – stupid. So I rebel.)




2 responses

18 01 2007
Lily & Anya's Mom

ME ME! I want to see the pants less docent costume!

Wow. That sounded way less dirty in my head.

19 01 2007

Okay, I’m seriously with you on the comma/quotes thing.

And hooray about the dentist! What a big cutie head! Marissa still really struggles with that, I think because of the fear of pain invovled. 😉

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