10 01 2007

Mid-December – occasional coughs signaling… somthing. Just not sure what yet.
December 21 – first night of coughing sets in.
December 22 – felt fine all day, cold hits like a bulldozer this evening making my brain stop working
December 23 – still sick
Christmas Eve – feeling a lot better, well enough to go out for lunch with the family and plan a Christmas Dinner for the next day
Christmas – Cannot peel myself off the couch until around 5pm, no dinner
December 26-31 – Feeling varying degrees of sick.
New Years day – Cannot peel myself off the couch.
First week in January – feeling great! Out and about with kids, this is finally OVER!
Saturday, January 6 – “HAHAHA, you foolish human! We will bring you DOWN!” Round… 6? of this has begun with a vengance.
Yesterday – I think this cold SUCKS ASS, but at least I’m not coughing anymore.
Last night – Start coughing again. D’oh!

I now firmly believe this cold virus to be intellegent and vengeful.

Please, oh please, oh PLEASE let me feel better soon!? Please?




2 responses

10 01 2007

I hope it laves you alone soon. But don’t send it over here. Please.

10 01 2007

Bah. Stupid typo. *leaves, leaves*

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