The Final UPDATE

2 01 2007

I finished the book. And you know what? Don’t bother! In fact I’m pretty pissed and if Mr. Verne wasn’t so dead, I’d hunt him down and demand some answers! There were several mysteries introduced through the course of the book, but in the end none were explained. I don’t like that! Don’t get me wrong, I can handle a little ambiguity – like the ending of The Graduate? That’s great! But mysteries that tease you all through the book MUST BE EXPLAINED. It’s only fair. My husband told me, “Well, but that’s how life is.” But I didn’t read this for it to be life-like! I read it to escape life!


So, what book should I read next? I mean, assuming I have it in my house, or someone generously pays off my library card! But, yes, I’m looking for recommendations. Comment away.




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