Holiday Letter 2006

1 01 2007

Dear Friends and Family,

Another year has passed and finds us happily living life, as usual. The husband is working for the same company, the Zebra is still working at home as a mother and the kids are growing strong and learning well.

We’ve had a beautiful year! Early in the Spring, we took our annual Disneyland trip; we celebrated the kids’ birthdays together in the park on a nice day in May; we suffered the unseasonably hot Summer (yes, you read correctly) in the new water fountain park in Eastlake, Chula Vista; we read 100 books in the library’s Summer Reading program; enrolled the kids in swimming classes; and we took a little witch (M) and kitty (E) trick-or-treating on Halloween.

M turned 4 in April and has officially (or unofficially, depending on how you look at it) begun homeschooling and is learning in leaps and bounds. We’ve gone on many field trips to the zoo, Sea World, museums, and the fire department. We went with a weekly homeschooling park day once to catch tadpoles, but came home, instead, with a crayfish. We kept him for eight days before releasing him back into the wild. She’s also still having a blast in her Camp Fire USA club and her ballet classes.

E celebrated his first birthday back in May and has been working hard on all the things that come along with toddlerhood. He walks, says some words, chases his sister while giggling like mad and will roar loudly on cue. On the last day of Spring he had an unfortunate (freak) accident resulting in a broken arm and a cast for 3 weeks. That didn’t stop him, though, and by the end of it, we had to try to find new and creative ways to get him to stop crawling on his casted arm. He is well now, though, and was recently released by the orthopedic department as needing no further checkups!

The husband has been breaking in his Epiphone G-400 SG (a guitar). In July he attended all five days of Comic Con and saw a few famous people, but no one said, “What’s up” to him this year. He’s also gotten the Zebra hopelessly hooked on the TV show Lost and now they both check message boards and discuss new theories endlessly like the geeks they are. Namaste.

It’s only fair, though, since the Zebra started him on Gilmore Girls. He wants to make it clear, though, that he does not like the current season of GG.

Aside from tending to the kiddos, Zebra has created a new website that’s world renowned. No, seriously. It was featured in London’s The Guardian, several Canadian newspapers and a talk radio show, as well as a German magazine. We swear. Oddly, not so much here in the United States. The idea was to show new mothers they aren’t alone in the changes their bodies have gone through and you can read more at

This past October, the Zebra braved the odds and took both kids alone on a plane ride to visit their Grandpa and Nana in Illinois. Travel went smoothly, the kids had a blast and we had a lot of really great learning experiences (40 degrees! is cold!).

Well, that’s our year in a nutshell, we hope yours has been wonderful! Here’s wishing you a beautiful and blessed holiday season and a very lucky new year.

Love from Crowderland,
The Husband, the Zebra, M & E

P.S. Our Crowderland website is actually being updated with some regularity now. Zebra can’t promise you the news section or text of the site will change for another three years, but the pictures and videos are updated on a weekly and monthly basis, respectively. And you know what they say: “A picture and some videos are worth a thousand text updates.” Ka-chow!



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