Uberlist 2007

31 12 2006

This is such an awesome idea. I’m not one to make resolutions, but that isn’t what this is. It’s merely a list of goals to have. I cannot make a detailed numbered list, because when I get too detailed at goalmaking, I rebel and fail. So here are some general ideas of things I might like to accomplish this year. Thanks to Mama Says Om for the inspiration!

CRAFT: This one I’m stealing: “Knit for Holiday 2007 throughout the year,” learn to felt, and maybe pick up crochet. Become more active in the weekly knitting group. Find time to write here and there. Enjoy photography and frame my favorites.

FAMILY: Yell less. Play more. Remember to be hands-on. Try to let go of the anger and hurt I feel towards those who’ve hurt me.

FINANCIAL: Set aside money for emergencies and for special activities. Don’t spend it! Don’t! I mean it!

FRIENDS: This one I’m stealing: “Tell every single friend how much I love them and the way they’ve shaped my life”

HEALTH: Get back on track with fitness, look into gym memberships. Get active at least daily. Cut back on sugar. Eat out less. Look into buying insurance if there’s any extra income in the next year. Balance progesterone. Get back into good water habits.

HOME: Organize my house. Buy or create organizers where necessary. Purge junk, one drawer at a time. When my house is clean, my brain works better. Finally put pictures on walls. Get new furniture. Cook and freeze easy meals to avoid eating out so much.

LOVE: Go out on the occasional date. The kind without kids!

PERSONAL: Get pierced! Find the perfect tattoo. Get a haircut more often than every six months. Read more books, aim for one a month. Search for the right religious path. Put more time and love into SOAM.

TEACHER: Bring more education – formal and informal – into our daily routine. Find the right charter for us and register M for kindergarten. Look into and possibly purchase curriculum.

TRAVEL: Disneyland, if that counts. Possible: road trip to Colorado. Not likely, but on my dream list: BlogHer in Chicago. Perhaps a weekend getaway in the mountains?




2 responses

31 12 2006
Lily & Anya's Mom

YAY! What an awesome list! I love it all and found myself saying, “yes! I want to do that too!”

I swear, you and I should just pack up my van and go to Colorado together. It’ll be insane… but fun, I’m betting!

31 12 2006

Seriously? I would definitely be interested in pursuing this line of thought. Though, we may end up in a different area of Colorado than Corey’s place….

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