28 12 2006

Wanna know how much of a hypochondriac* I am? Every time I cough, I picture that video of vocal chords coughing – you know the one, you watched it in high school biology? – and I’m afraid I’ll injure them. D’oh! I mean, really. I’ve coughed my entire life, and just now that this image is in my head, it makes me afraid?

Wanna know how superstitious I am? I’m mildly afraid I’m pregnant. Curious as to the reasoning? Well, it’s because two years ago this week we had some crazy, crazy wind storms. I also had one hell of a cough. And I was pregnant with Elliott. By some strange coincidence this, the week after Christmas, I am suffering from a terrible cough and there are crazy, crazy wind storms. So it’s only natural to think I must be pregnant, too, right?

I am completely and totally sane.

*”Hypochrondriac” probably isn’t the word I want. But I have a limited vocabulary due to my excessive cursing, so live with it.




One response

29 12 2006

Ah, well then it just goes to follow that you’re knocked up. I mean, the two cannot occur without the third, right? What do you think you’re having, a boy or a girl? Any name ideas?

See, I love you because you’re a freak. Go with it.

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