28 12 2006

Here’s a strange factoid about me: I get anal-retentive about proper flag display. Yeah, I don’t really understand it fully myself since I’m not even sure I want my kids ever saying the Pledge of Alliegance, and since I don’t subscribe so much to honoring a piece of cloth itself. Still, it seems that if one should choose to display a flag, they should do so properly. Partly because it shows respect, but mostly because doing otherwise shows ignorance. I thnk the bit about it touching the ground and needing to be burned is ridiculous, personally, but I also think it’s pretty rude to fly a tattered flag. We’re trying NOT to relive the Star Spangled Banner, yo. Also flying it during a storm, I’m pretty sure is wrong, and it should be brought in nightly. Flying other flags at the same level as this country’s flag isn’t proper – and here I refer not even to the flags of other countries or states, but, often the flags of businesses. Flying the McDonald’s flag at the same height at the US flag is really annoying. And when the country mourns, lower the flag to half mast. I couldn’t tell yesterday if the lowered flags or the fully-raised ones were the correct ones. Of course it helps to watch the news and hear which former president has died most recently, but that is not my style, yo. Seeing a flag lowered to half mast fills me of fantasies wherein Bushy Jr is abducted by a band of roving llamas, never to be seen again. Or that Cheney maybe went hunting with Bush and did him in, too. You just never know.




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