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27 12 2006

I haven’t had much to blog about lately since this stinkin’ cold has bulldozed me. The best entry I could come up with rattled on and on about my unproductive cough and what’s the effing point of unproductive coughs, anyway??? I am thisclose to actually buying some frickin’ cough syrup already.

We had an odd Christmas, completely devoid of any real contact with my family. Except for that time when my mother called. She picked a really shitty day to do it, too, as I’d been dwelling all day with a nightmare about her coming to pick me up drunk and me trying desperately to get away. Funny, but just last week, I had felt I’d had an epiphany where I had come to believe I was at peace with her. Guess my subconsious has a different opinion.

Today we braved the hella crazy wind and went to the nearby mall. At the toy store, I ran into an old, dear friend of mine. He was a freshman while I was a senior in high school, and I loved him dearly. I’ve never felt so comfortable with anyone as with him and I’d hug him and kiss him and threaten to put him on my shelf all the time. It was a sweet relationship. once he started dating girls I knew, I stoipped hugging and kissing him because that’s just weird. There was the time he started dating this one “very mature” girl and we all gave him The Sex Talk and made him promise to wait until he was married. He must have really loved us. We were a big group of mothers to him. So much so, that once, while away at Thespian Conference, we snuck him into our hotel room (poor kid was the only guy on the trip and was banished to his own room) and one girl nearly undressed in front of him. He was such a great guy.

Anyway, it was good to see him today, but I really wished I hadn’t. It’s always the days when I look the worst, that I run into the people I know. Isn’t that how it works?? I was coughing and scruffy and probably smelled bad. Sexxxy. Kinda.

Lastly, I will beg of you one question: If you could choose any tattoo for ME, what would I get and where?




2 responses

28 12 2006

Hmmm. Tattoo for you. A pregnant lady pirate? LOL. Or how about just the word ME or me for the kids’ initials. With…something around it but I don’t know what. It takes me forever to think of tattoos for myself so I’m not much help here.

28 12 2006

LOL Amy! Don’t worry you have about 13 months to decide for me 🙂

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