Christmas Dinner

26 12 2006

Honeybaked Ham (it was a gift, I’m not made of money!), mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and egg (well, Silk) nog. Served only 28 hours later than I had planned.

Friday night I got hit with a shitty cold. It started clearing up by Sunday, but smacked me right in the back of the head Christmas Morning, laughing and mocking me for being so bold as to feel better without knocking on wood. I lay there on the couch, virtually immobile, most of the morning, watching the kids enjoy their new toys. I was trying to figure out what my exact symptoms were, but mostly I just knew that anything more than leaning against pillows was probably going to kill me.

So? I cancelled our fancy dinner.

And? Served it instead at 10pm tonight! Sort of. I enjoyed it leftover-style without actually cooking the ham and eating it in front of the computer.

Technically, I would have preferred watching Pirates II while eating it, but my dear, dear, husband had to prove to me that “YES you CAN put an entire bown of potato peelings down the garbage disposal!” The thing is, though, he’s wrong about that? And finally, after years of my telling him so, he got his rewards and had to clean up after the garbage disposal exploded all over the kitchen and dinette. Funny part is how at first he tried to blame it on the poor dishwasher. But the dishwasher? Wasn’t on.

Ahhhhhh. Gotta love men. Or, wait. Do we?




One response

27 12 2006

also? carrot peelings. They’ve screwed me not once but twice! See how great I learn?

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