Meme Day!

15 12 2006

This one I stole from Elaine. First line of first entry of each month. Your turn next! Let me know if you play!

January: Oh bloody HELL I wish I could get through a week without suffering this depression.

February: Things with my daughter have been going a little better lately.

March: She is spirited and fiesty.

April: We get our tax return back and suddenly the bread maker, the vacuum, the computer speakers all died.

May: We ordered a couch on Saturday!

June: Damn cute toesies, yo.

July: The husband and I have been snorting away every time we see one of those commercials for the “All-New 100% Natural 7Up” because it’s sooooo not natural.

August: (Like any males read this.)

September: I actually took this photo months ago, on my birthday.

October: We recently got this classic movie from And by “classic” I mean, “Charlton Heston plays a Mexican.”

November: Say it ain’t sooooooooooooooooo!

December: We went to the big holiday festival in Balboa Park the other night as tradition dictates in our family.




One response

16 12 2006

June is my favorite! I did mine a couple of days ago… too alzy to link to it though.

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