7 12 2006

Driving along the other evening, my innocent daughter was commenting on the holiday lights decorating various houses. “Look! There’s God!” she cried as we passed a nativity scene. At the very next house, she saw a blow-up snowman out front and exclaimed, “Awww, that’s even cuter than God!” Lucky for her eternal soul, she reconsidered and decided God might be cuter, after all, because he “comes with animals” (in his stable scene). Whew! (which, she, by the way, pronounces, “feeeeeeeeeeee-YOU!”) That was a close call there.

*No I didn’t spell it wrong, it’s a Homerism!




3 responses

8 12 2006

Blow-up snowmen: sending people to hell with their cuteness!
Glad your girl made the cut. 😉

8 12 2006

Ahh! That was me with the witty comment – I’m not anonymous, just apparently too blonde to log in!

8 12 2006
The Shape of a Mother

No, you were logged in. It must have deleted the names when I switched to the beta version tonight. Bummer!!

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