It’s the little things in life…

7 12 2006

We hit GTM today which, for those who don’t know, is a kickass discount store not at all close to my house. Well, closer than Arizona, anyway. But they have a health food aisle which sometimes has some really awesome deals. In addition to the $10 I invested today in fruit leather for the kids, I found organic unsulphured blackstrap molasses (which I use a LOT of) for about a quarter of the usual price! WOO! Seriously, I could NOT stop talking about it. To the point where another customer came up to me and asked me how to use molasses. I suspect she was desperately hoping to shut my mouth if she just paid me a little attention. Sadly, for her, she must not read this blog or she’d know I’m mildly self-absorbed. In any case, I scored. On molasses. And this made my day. I must be a mom or something.




2 responses

8 12 2006

So… what do you use molasses for? And no, I’m NOT trying to shut you up! 😉

8 12 2006
The Shape of a Mother


I use it daily in the shake I drink for breakfast. Also in regular sandwich bread. In the past I’ve made peanut butter and molasses sandwiches, sometimes with banana. Mmmmm. And, of course, there are the cookies. 😉 Though they aren’t my taste, so I don’t make those.

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