The Search for Santa

3 12 2006

santa 06
Originally uploaded by zebrabelly.

We went to the big holiday festival in Balboa Park the other night as tradition dictates in our family. It was a lot of fun, we saw the lego city, went to a ballet performance, had gingerbread cookies, bought misteltoe and checked out a few museums. What we missed, though, was Santa Claus. I was hoping to get a picture of the kids on his lap so we got in line and I went to find out the price. Thinking it would a dollar or two, I was shocked when I heard that it was $5! But it comes with an art kit! for some reason! That might not seem like so much, but to us this week, it really is – especially when we have plenty of art supplies at home. I was about to ask if they could sit for free and we’d skip the art kit, but then she went on to say it was to raise funds for something or other and I felt dirty for even thinking of asking to not donate money to a Cause. Of course I didn’t donate, either way, but I also did not partake of the lap-sitting.

Which was probably for the best, anyway, as their Santa wasn’t wearing any pants.

WHAT? He was wearing shorts! Sheesh, people. Dirty minds.

In any case, our town was having a celebration only the very next day complete with their own Santa (who does wear pants, thankyouverymuch!). I was afraid plans would be foiled again by some alarmingly high cost for lap-sitting that maybe this time would come with a kit to bake cookies or something, but was pleased to discover that it was FREE! And the “free” included their OWN polaroid in a fancy little card holder! My town may be ghetto, but they are big spenders when it comes to the holiday celebration, apparently. And the mayor’s personal bodyguard, but that is a different story.

And isn’t it odd, anyway, that I was looking for the chance to perch my offspring on a strange man’s lap so I could take a picture to keep forever? Now that I put it that way, I’ve kind of creeped myself out.



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