30 11 2006

For whoever it was that found this blog by googling, “Mira Mesa High School Alumni 1982” boyyyyy have YOU got the wrong lady! I mean, yes, you are roughly in the same geographical region, but the similarities end there.

And OHMIGOSH, “shape of a mother haters”??? And you found ME? That’s just… Wow. Must be one of Google’s biggest mistakes.

But whoever it was who searched for my Grandpa’s song lyrics… I’m very curious. Do you know the song, too? I don’t know where it came from, so please, if it’s what you were looking for, let me know!

And… good to know that when you search “shitty mom” this is the top entry. I cannot stop laughing at that! And maybe also crying a little bit, but mostly laughing because, hey, irony is funny.

Lastly… “Mia on z90”? Really “Steve West on 91X” would be way more appropriate. Because I am going to marry him (and The Killers) and he loves me. He told me so. Twice.




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