Just Like Old Times

15 11 2006

I had no idea there were still Mob Bosses around. I mean with the advent of Gangsta Rap, I thought the Mob was nothing more than a fairy tale anymore. Not only was I wrong, but our fine city (er… nearby city, anyway) was lucky enough to be visited by the notorious “Whitey” Bulger. He even has a good old gangster name! It’s so cute! Homeboy’s old, though. I also never realized anyone in the mob lived to be 77 years old. Learn something new every day.

Mob Boss James “Whitey” Bulger Spotted In San Diego

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11-14-06 at 6:28PM

The News 8 CrimeFighters are on a manhunt for a notorious Boston mob boss who was spotted in San Diego. James “Whitey” Bulger has a $1 million reward on his head.

He is one of the most high-profile fugitives in America, second only to Osama bin Laden on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list.

Bulger is a master of disguise. His nickname “Whitey” comes from his long blonde hair when he was a kid.

On the run for the past 11 years, Bulger was spotted here in San Diego, catching a screening of the gangster movie “The Departed” at a theater in Horton Plaza. In the movie, Jack Nicholson’s mob boss character is based on “Whitey” Bulger. The matinee was playing at the UA Theatres in Horton Plaza on Friday, October 6.

A law enforcement officer says he spotted Bulger in the crowd, and followed him to a trolley stop at Fifth Avenue and C Street downtown, before losing him. Sources confirm the FBI grabbed surveillance video from both the mall and the movie theater.

While the FBI says it’s a non-credible sighting, sources who viewed the surveillance tape say one agent remarked out loud, “that’s him” when the suspect appeared in the video.

The man was wearing a white fisherman’s hat with a floppy rim, dark sunglasses and a windbreaker. Bulger is known to wear hats and sunglasses in public, and carries a knife at all times.

Over the years, he has been spotted in at least eight states, and 19 different countries. He’s under indictment in Boston for 18 organized crime murders, possession of machine guns, extortion and money laundering. In March, prosecutors released a decades-old surveillance video of Bulger, hoping someone might recognize him.

Bulger served nine years in prison for robbing banks in the 1950s. For nearly 20 years, he operated as an FBI informant, feeding information to the feds on rival wise guys, while at the same time leading his own South Boston crime ring.

It was a Boston FBI agent who tipped Bulger off to the pending indictment against him in 1995. That agent was later sent to prison.

Bulger is believed to be hiding out with his longtime girlfriend, 55-year-old Catherine Greig. Both fugitives use fake names, enjoy playing with dogs, and may be living near the beach.

If you have seen Bulger, do not approach him. He is extremely dangerous. Call the San Diego FBI office at (858) 565-1255.




2 responses

16 11 2006
lola coca-cola

SERIOUSLY?? I think I gotta get a tv. this stuff is better than real life.

16 11 2006

Dude. The Mob is HUGE in RI and Boston. I can’t believe ol’ Whitey’s out in San Diego! He’s knocked off a lot of people.

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