10 11 2006

I’ve been returning things this week which made my trip last month go smoothly. I travelled alone on an airplane for three and a half hours one way and four the other with two small children (one not walking, one slightly nutty). I am completely insane, I realize this. However, I was blessed enough to have three amazing women loan me items to make it an easy-peasy (HA! OK at least easier) trip. My good friend loaned me a backpack thingamabobber (kinda sorta similar to this one) to carry one of the giant carseats in and so that when it was checked it would be better protected. Another friend loaned me a wheelie attachment for the other giant carseat so that I could push both kids in the stroller and pull the carseat I’d need on the plane behind me. And, lastly, but sure as hell not least, I was loaned a portable DVD player that every single passenger near us on the plane was thankful for, even if they didn’t know it. Lucky for me, my son turns into a zombie when the TV is on. It made flying very convienent.

Basically, I was loaned almost $400 worth of stuff to make travel possible – not just EASIER, but actually possible. If I didn’t have the wheeler for the carseat there simply would not have been a way for me to physically get through the airport with two kids, a carseat, a stroller and carryon luggage. (Luckily, my husband and father got passes to take me to the gate in any case, but I certainly could not count on that happening!) If I didn’t have the DVD player my baby would have screamed the entire trip. I swear. He started hollering any time I moved the TV screen, God forbid I turn it off! The backpack thing for the checked carseat was not only hella convienent, it really eased my mind worrying about damage to my very expensive carseat.

I try not to complain about money too much because we really are very blessed to be able to make it, but the fact is that our budget is extremely tight. After groceries are bought and bills are paid, we have about $20-40 left over a month. And our grocery budget is very thrifty, too. Some weeks we eat mostly lentils or beans because they are so cheap (and yummy!). So it’s not like we don’t cut where we can. And I realize that people who travel generally have the money to do so, but to have to have afforded these things for us would have been simply impossible at this point (ask me again when tax season rolls around!).

So here I am: Blessed to know these women. Blessed that they considered me. Blessed that they were willing to loan their own items to me (believe me, the household I grew up in would not have considered such a thing – I am shocked and in awe!). Blessed that my father funded the trip. Blessed that it all went smoothly. Blessed that we have beautiful pictures and memories of this vacation.

If you are reading this: Thank you.




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10 11 2006

Awwwww. I feel blessed as well to know many of these kind women. And blessed is not a word I throw around lightly.

10 11 2006
lola coca-cola

We’ve got your back, lady.


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