My Big Idea

9 11 2006

Everyone knows gas prices in San Diego suck much ass. Everyone knows this because I complain about it incessantly. (BTW, when I was in St. Louis I saw a place for LESS THAN TWO DOLLARS!! I swore if we drove back by it I was taking a photograph, but we never did.)

So last weekend, I saw gas for only $2.09 at a certain gas station near Central San Diego and all I had to do was pruchase a $5 car wash. I had to be in the area anyway so I decided to go for it! I knew I was going to Save Big! I was excited!

No one told me there was no actual soap involved in this car wash. It was a pre-rinse, some more water, and then a rinse-rinse. Hookay.

Also? The price had gone up and was $2.18. Hell, still almost $.20 cheaper than anywhere near my house! I was still going to Save Big! I was still excited!

So I purchased the wash and the gas and after I filled the tank, I went back inside for my rebate. I had visions of the cashier opening the register, hearing that satisfying “ding!” and seing gold coins just pouring out onto the floor! We were going to swim in coins like Ducktales! Or perhaps the cashier would lug two heavy bags of money from under the counter and they’d land with a gratifying thud. Everyone in the store would clap and ask for my autograph! I’d make the evening news! I was about to Save Big! I was SUPER excited!!

And my savings?


Yeah. I paid $5 for a soapless carwash for THAT.

It was anti-climactic at best. As we say in my family, “Look how they git ya!” At least Natalie Bubbles has a nice full tank now.




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