8 11 2006

Stinky election results. I’m pissed, but not surprised by the relection of Schwartzeneggaregazenator, but what DOES surprise me is that the starte of California totally ate up Philip Morris‘ advertising and Prop 86 failed. I don’t understand it. Are there that many smokers? Did people not realize Philip Morris was telling you “no”? Because, they way I see it, is that anything Philip Morris says not to vote for, you bet yer ass I will vote for it. Twice if they’d let me! It’s so skeezy and it makes me feel all dirty to imagine those guys partying all day today, laughing at all the silly Californians and the amzing profits they will continue to make now. Ew. Just. Ew.




2 responses

8 11 2006

I’m just as puzzled as you are about Prop 86. I also expected people to vote differently on that oil tax thing. My instinct was that if Exxon told you to vote no, you should vote yes.

8 11 2006

What can I say? Stupid, stupid, stupid. It seems every election lately, I’m embarrassed to be an American. 😦 And pissed as hell!

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