I wasn’t kidding

4 11 2006

egg carton trouble
Originally uploaded by zebrabelly.

I wasn’t kidding when I said I had too many egg cartons, although I did overestimate a tad. I only have 15 saved up, not counting the ones that have already been used in projects or that are being used as other toys currently (baby sorter, part of M’s food set). See, it used to be that I’d come across awesome projects using egg cartons, but never had any on hand, so I vowed to save them from then on. Only the number of eggs we eat far outweighs the projects we do with cartons.

So. You locals want some? Maybe we should do a project together? Because, seriously, I have only 3 eggs left in the fridge so my collection is about to grow one more and I cannot bear to recycle them!

Vickii – maybe you can decorate your office in egg carton artwork? You could call it “modern art” and people would be in AWE of you.




One response

4 11 2006

Pssssst. . . Spray paint them varying shades of purple, arrange them artistically, and they’ll be a perfect officewarming gift!

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