Holy Campaign Trail, Batman!!!

3 11 2006

I swear to you all that if these stinky politicians don’t STOP CALLING ME I will go postal and move to New Zealand and live in a tiny hut on a cliff with no running water but with wireless internet access. I am getting as many as FOUR calls a DAY. And they are all recordings so all the screaming of explitives I do into the phone does me no good at all.

Two days in a row they have woken up my baby. Mama’s on the warpath, yo.

It was funny several weeks ago when I got a few random calls from celebrities, but some guy’s daughter just called. HE PIMPED OUT HIS DAUGHTER, man! That’s not cool! Dianne Feinstein did it, too.

I don’t know WHO it was that figured, “Hey? I need a new campaign strategy… Hrm…. I GOT it! Let’s annoy the fuck out of the voters so they will vote for me! I can’t fail!”

Ahhh, or, more likely these are messages by the opposing parties in the hopes that if Steve Padilla calls me ONE MORE TIME* I will become so enraged that I will vote for Cheryl Cox instead.

*I should add here that I don’t actually know who the hell calls because 99% of the time I hang up as soon as I hear it’s not a real person.

Lordy, I cannot WAIT until next Wednesday.




2 responses

3 11 2006

I too am really annoyed with the phone calls. And the junk mail. And the signs everywhere.

3 11 2006

Oh god, tell me about it. I just got a call from Robert Redford LOL!

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