31 10 2006

My Lost review of so far this season. I will do my best to not spill the beans for those of you still in Season Two (For shame! What? You have a life or something?!), but if you prefer not to read, I won’t hold it against you. (By the way,V, we have it on DVD if you’d like to borrow it.)


So this season started with a bang and, honestly? Much of it has been like the rest of that first episode – tedious. Still, I believe (hope!) they are building up to something really good – especially based on those previews! OMG! My biggest beef is that they are introducing new Losties. Oh, I realize there were 40-something survivors, so it’s not unlikely, but I wish they’d at least referred to these people in the other two seasons like Frogurt. Just makes it more realistic. And I know they don’t know 100% where they are going, but they could at least throw out a name here and there. Biggest relief? That Desmond put on some pants. Oh wait, I mean that Locke is being Lockey again. I missed Man-o-the-Jungle last season. What I miss this season? Fenry. Benry is OK, too, but “Fenry” has such a great ring to it. And that’s pretty much all I have to say. Because that’s pretty much all that’s really happened so far. A lot of clues, but no real action, yo.

I am becoming such a TV junkie now that I can watch TV online. Is Gilmore Girls new tonight?




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