31 10 2006

This is not one of those entries where I make butt jokes, so if that’s what you came for, too bad.

Do you want to know how amazingly, wonderfully, especially AWESOME my daughter is? (The answer here is, “YES! Yes! YES!” in case you were wondering.) Good, I’ll tell you.

You see, she has this habit of turning all sorts of crazy and bratty and generally four-year-old wacky when she wants attention so recently I’ve been exclaiming, “WHY? Why don’t you just TELL ME you want attention?!” while I rip my hair from my head.

So today?

She slumps in the rocking chair while I was busy with the littler child and she tells me, “Mom? I want ATTENTION!”

I could shout it from the hilltops (but I’m kind of busy right now) but I’m just so damn proud of her! She really is growing up and becoming more and more mature. Awwwwww.

Later, I will tell you all about our Halloween (unless, of course, I don’t get around to it) but for now I have to take care of my disaster area I call a home.

Happy Samhain!




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