A Dream Come True

27 10 2006

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I’m a little unclear as to whether I should be blogging this at all, but I think the final answer was, “yes.” Or possibly, “Yes, but I’ll leave you a comment that says, ‘blurghhhhhahhhh'” Or. Um. Something.

And you are probably wondering why I’d post a picture of a giant dead bug and his regular-sized dead friend and then title my post, “A Dream Come True?” I assure the bugs have little to do with the dream. In fact there were no bugs at all in my dream.

Night before last I dreamt my friend (and midwife), V, was heading out of town and that, for some reason, Elaine and I were there, basically house-sitting for her. Only then Elaine turned into Melty instead because you know how dreams are.

SO, in non-dream life, V is painting her new office and needs help. Fearing I might go utterly insane if I spent another moment at home with my family, I flew out of the house at superhuman speed and headed over there to sniff fumes. I was warned about the presence of some giant scary dead bugs and begged to take care of them so I grabbed a jar from my collection.

See recently I’ve taken to saving random objects in case they might become a great kid craft. The downside to this is that I now have about 30 egg cartons and enough Trader Joes paper bags to build a small vacation home. So I am putting this notice out right now that if anyone needs anything, JUST ASK. Please. Before the bags and cartons take over. I’m scared. Real scared.


Right. Anyway, the dream that came true was that I ended up that very evening painting with Elaine and V. Although there was no house-sitting and no one turned into Melty, so it was only a sort-of dream come true.

In any case, it was MUCH needed as I have been having an official “Shitty Mom Week.” I think a lot of it has to do with trying to find a routine again after vacation. And also with having almost-mastitis for the first part of the week which left me feeling to crappy to play or anything other than lay down. AND my daughter has been sick with a cold and she becomes a DEMON child when she is sick and makes me doubt just about every second of my mothering ever.

And also? Goats. Yes. I’m having a problem with goat milk, I think. It’s hard to say (when I’m in denial like this) because of the other factors going on this week, but I decided to finally give feta a shot and see if I can tolerate it. And? Who knows (when I’m in denial like this)? I’ve been snappier than usual this week, but otherwise not so bad. It certainly is better than cow’s milk! I think I’ll give it another shot in a few weeks when so much isn’t going on (and I’m not in denial like this anymore).

Where was I? Right: “Dream Come True” Well, aside from the giant bugs, people changing spontaneously, demon children, painful boobies and the goats, yup, my dream came totally true. I must be psychic, right?




2 responses

27 10 2006

My hero.

At first I was thinking you might be one of those scary bag ladies that hoards crazy stuff. But that highly specialized creature-nabbing receptacle you just happened to be carrying in your purse totally saved me. I can’t wait to see what you bring next time.

27 10 2006
The Shape of a Mother

Hey, I brought that for YOU lady! 😉

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