25 10 2006

I’ve been worried about my son’s development for awhile now. I first mentioned it to his doctor at his one-year appointment a couple weeks or so before his birthday when he still wasn’t rolling over. He did so shortly afterwards and crawling quickly followed. His doctor still wasn’t worried at his most recent appointment when he was closer to a year and a half old and still not walking or talking.

But I was, so I talked myself into an evaluation which was held here yesterday. And? I was right. He has a 25-50% delay in his speech and less than 25% in gross motor skills (walking). Both of those delays together qualifies him for services through both the regional center and the school district and at this point a teacher will come out weekly to work with all of us on how to play with him to bring out his speech and etc.

It’s a hard thing to do, particularly with the crowd I hang with (yo) that tends to like to let nature take it’s course and that sometimes thinks “the man” is after us all. Frankly, I generally agree! Still, I was impressed by these ladies and they made it very clear what my rights were regarding this process and they prefer a less interventive approach just like I do.

And I feel silly saying I’m taking my baby to speech therapy (although they made it clear that it is not “therapy” so I guess it’s not-therapy?) but he is missing key pre-speech skills like puckering his lips to kiss or babbling as though he’s having a conversation with his toys. And there will be physical not-therapy, too, but that isn’t as great a worry because he really is quite close to walking. In fact yesterday evening he took his first hand-holding steps! Up till now he’d only cruise along furniture, never while holding our hands. Ironic, much?

So that’s my baby-update, and now I will leave you with this hella cute story.

One night while we were staying with my dad, M decided she could not sleep on her air mattress on the floor so she climbed into the bed with E and I. And let me clarify that this is only a full-sized bed. So she and E spent the next three hours hitting and yelling at each other in their sleep while I lay awake wanting to pull my hair all out. Finally I gave up and moved M’s mattress out of the way and put E and I to sleep on the floor. He was awake enough to sit there screaming while I set it all up, but apparently not awake enough to know what was going on. When we woke up in the morning, I ay there talking to M for a bit until E opened his eyes. Now, this child usually wakes leisurely, nurses a bit, looks around quietly before deciding to actually get up. But this morning, he heard M’s voing coming from above and she sat straight up. He looked around, looked at M and looked at me and, upon deciding we were in very much the wrong place he announced, “Uh-oh!”

And before I go one last thing: Enjoy this video of E while we were gone and what he CAN do.




One response

25 10 2006

Good for trusting your mama instinct; I hope his not-therapy goes well for you all.

And that video is too cute!

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