I’m Back!

20 10 2006

We’re home finally after eight days in the St. Louis area. It was a really nice trip and the flights weren’t nearly as bad as I feared. Especially since we didn’t do the plummeting thousands of feet to a firey death thing. Woot!

Anyway, we woke up and got ready Wednesday morning and headed over to the airport. The husband got a pass to go back with us (thank God!) and, after not waiting in ANY lines, we had two hours of waiting so we just hung around for awhile. M was an absolute STAR the entire trip and E slept and watched TV for most of the flight so it all went perfectly.

first airplane ride

My dad picked us up, we grabbed our luggage and headed out to the car. OUT to the car. The car was parked OUTSIDE. Outside in the fricken-fracken COLD. People, it had to be 20 degrees out there! OK, actually it was only like 39-40 or so (in daylight!), but I am not USED to that. I live in SAN DIEGO where it doesn’t even get that cold in the WINTER at NIGHT!!! (Seriously, I am trying not to use caps lock any more than I have to, but I MUST emphasize how COLD it was there!) It was so cold that my step mother’s mum missed her flight to Chicago only the next day due to SNOW. And? The heater in our bedroom wasn’t working that night. Yikes!

Anyway, we had a lot of fun going to The Magic House in St. Louis and Eckert’s in (I guess) Belleville. M got to meet her cousin K and they got along famously (except when they didn’t) and she also met her Uncle C (Chip? Chuck? Charlie? I don’t know, and what does it matter when I saw him all of 10 minutes the entire trip?).



We hung out at “home” and played on the playset, rode bikes, enjoyed the lake, and watched the wildlife. My dad drove us out to see his new vacation lake house (not to be confused with the lake in his every-day-house back yard) and we stopped on the way home to pick some apples.


the fishing lake


That night (Sunday) some amazing friends from surrounding areas (um, if 13 hours away is “surrounding”) arrived in town for an official “APU Get-Together” which I will write more about very soon. In the mean time I will just say that throwing ten children and five women together in a hotel room is wild and wonderful!

On Tuesday, after a couple of the women left, my dad went with all of us to the St. Louis Zoo which is free unless you want to do anything. Heh. Seriously, we had a blast and were able to while away six hours just looking at the animals. (Is that how you spell “while away”? Funny how I can go nearly 30 years without ever having to have written that down.)

close enough to kiss!

cutie AND a tiger

Our last day there, my dad took us to check out the Arch and then a quick trip to the Cahokia Mounds.

the arch

arch in fall

On the flight home I am pretty sure I saw the Rocky Mountains and I think I might have seen the Grand Canyon – I saw a lot of canyons, I’m assuming it was the biggest, yeah? Also I saw these circles. WTF? Any idea what they are? I’m guessing they are Kansasish if we flew over Kansas. I’m almost certain we did not fly over Maine.

All in all the trip was good. I learned a lot of things. For one thing, preschoolers who normally need a nap, yet do not get one for eight days in a row turn into evil preschoolers. Also, M and her cousin K turn each other into monsters and, on Saturday, M threw THE BIGGEST tantrum of her life and succeeded in breaking her grandpa’s brand-spankin-new bathtub faucet. Second, I learned that my dad is just as awful a listener as he is a driver and I feared if the plane didn’t kill us, he would in traffic! (Of course, neither of those things was really news to me, but I rediscovered them, I guess you could say.) We did have one good talk, though, the night there was no baseball game and that was a good thing, I think. I also had a few good chats with my step mother, P (ooooh, good rapper name – “Stepmother P”), and I learned some interesting things about my mother, and father in a way. Apparently my mom told P when I was a child not to buy me name-brand things because we “didn’t DO that type of thing.” Uhhhhh hookay. This was the first I ever heard that rule. I’m pretty sure she was jealous of P and my dad. Also, P told me my father left my mother wheras I always heard the opposite. My mother is a liar, but then, so is my father since, you know, P didn’t know he was married when she met him. ANYWAY. Another thing I learned? Chip’s (Chuck’s? Charlie’s?) new babymama is having a girl. Awwwww!

The last thing I learned? Just see the picture below, it speaks for itself. And if you click on it, you can check out the full set at Flickr and see all the pics from the trip. 🙂





3 responses

23 10 2006

I think your family should form a rap group. Uncle C and Stepmother P and you can be Mama B. LOL. Great pictures, and those circles…I’ve seen them when flying out to CA and Hawaii. I don’t know what they are other than some sort of field but I don’t know why they are plowed in circles. I’ll have to get back to you on that one!

24 10 2006

I had a long response typed out here the other day and blogger was giving me fits. So here we go again. . .

I was stalking your blog because I couldn’t remember how long you were going to be gone. I’m glad you made it back home in one piece!

Henry grew up right outside St. Louis, so it was nice to see some pictures from there. And the Hooters near the TRU; yep, explains a lot LOL!

I must remember to email you and see how you get multiple pictures in a post. I haven’t figured that out yet (heck, even trying to put 1 hasn’t been working for me!) and how to link the pic to the set at flickr. Must.remember.to.email.

21 07 2008
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