Things I learned from Tuppertini

8 10 2006

1. My kitchen is entirely inadequate and inefficient. I need about 35 items! And we all agreed we’d take cakes just about everywhere if we had something to take them in!

2. Virgin margaritas are hella delicious! I am SO going to start not drinking!

3. I rather excel at drawing with my eyes closed.

4. Bitsy just rocks the house, yo.

For the second night in a row, I went out to a drinking event. Strange. It was a blast, though. Hands-down the best product party I’ve been to.

You know what bothers me, though? And I hope I can find the right words to express myself correctly… But being social really drains me. Don’t get me wrong, I really loved it tonight and I got to see two women who are very dear to me and meet a bunch more in person who I’ve only known online, but at the end of the night I came home, and as I was nursing my baby to sleep, the evening re-ran itself in my head and I wondered if I should have said X or if I should not have said Y and was I talking too loud again and did I look like a complete fool trying desperately to “mingle” when I have a serious small talk disability? Yeah. I’m pretty sure I have some sort of social anxiety disorder. Or maybe I was raised by monkeys and I just forgot? I dunno, but something inside me is seriously socially inept

You know what I think? I think I shoulda had some alcohol in my virgin margarita.




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9 10 2006

You know what? My energy was totally off last night as well. So maybe it was just the moon and the plastic mingling in a way that made us all awkward and self conscious?

But you? You looked like you had a good time! And I didn’t once think, “what the HELL is that woman saying?”

So it’s all good, yo.

9 10 2006
The Shape of a Mother

Good to know. I’ve been told I fake it well, LOL, but I just never know what to think about myself.

You – No way! You were ON, lady!

9 10 2006

Oh, man, can we start a Social Small Talkers Anonymous or something? I am SO inept at the whole cocktail-party conversation thing…ok, cocktails or not, but you know, that mode where you are sposed to be really chatty and ON with people you don’t know or hardly know or may really want to know but EGADS, I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY. I’ve been accused of being stand-offish, when really, I swear, I’m not (am I girls?!)…I’m just so friggin shy around new people. I so much prefer one-on-one or small groups of people I already know, which means, of course, I’d never meet new people. Maybe that should be perfectly ok for me.

You, my dahling, were completely not inept at all, but if I’d known you were feeling that, I would have come over and poured some alcohol in your virgin and suggested we both lighten up a bit cuz really….

And you are one of the only two reasons I even went to the party anyway! I needed neither Tupper nor Tinis, but I missed my B&E, so I had to go.

And as for kitchens. Um. Don’t come into mine. I have bits and pieces of various sets handed down to me by god-knows-who 25 years ago. The only reason I have NEW decent matching pots/pans set is cuz a friend of mine got tired of my odd pots without lids or lids without handles that broke off years ago. So she sent me a nice set. That still leaves me not having any matching cooking utensils or plasticware. My tupperware is missing lids, I have rubbermaid plastic pitchers that are (SERIOUSLY!) 30 years old or more, and….and…but the babies never have to see it, so I just don’t care.

Til I go to a Tupperware party where everyone else is perfectly coifed and knows all the lingo and are buying things I didn’t even know I needed that now I simply must have.


12 10 2006

I found some relief in reading this post and the comments. I often blame my mother for not teaching me social skills. I find myself so uncomfortable in most social settings where fun and games and mingling are the things to be having and to do. I find myself only going when I feel ‘strong enough’ to handle it or when I know there will be someone else there that I can ‘hang with’.

I was invited to this tuppertini party and now wish I had attended. It would have given an opportunity to learn and grow.

17 10 2006

Man, I missed out on the fun!

I feel like I’m seriously lacking in social skills when in those types of situations. I’m not big on small talk either; I much prefer smaller groups. I always do the replay thing in my head too: Should I have said x,y,z? Etc etc.

24 10 2006
lola coca-cola

Yeah, that “did I talk too loud” or “should I not have said that” thing? Get out of my head; I am exactly the same way, only it happens to me anytime I have a conversation with anyone but my 2-year-old. I really should probably just stay at home but I keep going out…

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