Go Spartans!

8 10 2006

Go Spartans!
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We reunited last night with the CVHS class of 1996. In a ghetto sorta way. Yeah, we chose not to spend the $85 to be allowed actually INSIDE and so we hung out in the doorway and annoyed the event planners. Not unlike 10 years ago. Ah. Good times.

It’s not like I didn’t try to join in. I asked the main planner (we will call her R) if anything else was going on this weekend and, aside from a party starting at midnight after the reunion (hello? I’m grown-UP now. And I have kids. I can’t just party in the middle of the night, yo!), there wasn’t anything planned. So I offered to plan something. And? She completely ignored me. So I decided to plan something anyway and figured she could kiss my ass if she didn’t like that (I knew she’d like to kiss my ass – who doesn’t?!), and I sent the information to meet at the hotel bar an hour or so before the reunion started to as many people as I could (including R, who replied with, “What a great idea!” yet refused to forward the info on to anyone else… Dude, I’m thinkin’? She’s kind of a bitch.) but no one showed up except us. LAME?

But we had fun anyway. I stole cookies from the hotel lobby and plotted to steal the balloons tied to a tile with “Spartans” written on it. Mildly klepto.

After awhile people started showing up and we got to talk to them and they’d chat with us before they went in and when they came out for (*cough* *hack* ew!) smokes. Except? Except when R and the rest of the planners kept shooing them back indoors away from us. What the fuck? Why do you care how they spend their $85? So annoying.

Not unlike high school. Heh.

Nah, seriously, I liked high school very much, but the fact that I was a part of a group of outcasts annoying the pep team? Oh, yeah, very Retro Me. We used to absolutely torture the cheerleaders at pep assemblies by doing the wave wrong or shouting “LIVER!” at them. It was awesome.

Now, the class of 1997? I got along MUCH better with them. I actually have memories of walking into the high school performing arts building when I had graduated and was in college and everyone shouting out my name “NORM!”-style. No kidding.

Oh, but anyway. Here we are with the people in “our group” who showed up. L-R: Levi, Melty, me (my head is waaaay too small for my body, yo), Rene, Sofia, Kathy and her husband, Rafael.




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