Wohelo, yo.

23 09 2006

Originally uploaded by zebrabelly.

Tonight we took all the kids up to Camp Cahito (“CAmp on the HIll in TOwn”) in Balboa Park where we had a Camp Fire “Flying Up” ceremony for the two big kids who graduated from Starflight level to Adventure. It was the first time we had been to the camp and the first time we’d met the new club coordinator.

It was a great time. The kids ran wild, ate pizza, made smores, found rocks, hunted a lizard, got filthy and generally had a ball.

Tons of pictures, but mostly just posted the ones without kids since I’m not sure how the other moms feel about thier kids being plastered all over the internet. Click on the candles to go to my photostream and you can see a few more.

WoHeLo means “WOrk, HEalth, LOve”. Why you’d wish anyone work is beyond me. Still, wohelo, my friends!




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