18 09 2006

My friendly neighborhood maxi-pad has this new thing where the slip of paper covering the wings before you apply them (know what I mean?) says, “Have a happy period!” I’m feeling squishy and gushy and CRAMPY and bitchy and you know? Honestly? I wish my pads would just go fuck off.




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18 09 2006

OK!!!??? And may I add that it makes absolutely no sense to me that the Kotex people would redesign their pad boxes and tape covers with reddish splotches that look to be the exactly shape and color of spilled blood! WTF designs these things?!

And tips for the day? No, I won’t suddenly increase my water intake just because I read it in the helpful hints section of my maxi-pad!

18 09 2006

Fuckers. Clearly they are evil bastards and they should have their fingernails pulled out by a three-year-old pigmy chimp. Not that I’ve put any thought into it or anything…

19 09 2006

Well, those have clearly been designed by a man. No question.

20 09 2006

I just switched to using clothpads. Let me tell you…SO much better!! No more nasty ass paper sticking in womanly places plus no more irritation.….go there…check it out.

20 09 2006
The Shape of a Mother

Technically, I own three homemade pads. And I do love them. But there are only three.

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