Last Night I had the Strangest Dream…

11 09 2006

I sailed away to China in a little rowboat to find ya. You said you had to get your laundry clean.


Excuse me, there. What I’ve really been dreaming about have been strange things. And Mexico.

A couple weeks ago, I dreamed we were all (who we “all” were I’m not exactly clear on) standing on the shores of Mission Bay watching nuclear bombs being launched from Mexico, and pretty much just accepting our immenent deaths. Cheery, no? I’m not sure why Mexico, but I swear I’m not racist. Prove it? Well, only a few dreams later, I visited Mexico. For some reason, it was kept in a little stationary store that no longer exists. Go figure.

Also, I dreamed about Jason “Digger” Stiles for some reason. I should have written it down sooner because I’ve forgotten it by now, but I think I knew he was famous. I didn’t remember who he was until I woke up. Also, I think my friend Mosh was there. Which is strange because, aside from, I haven’t spoken to Mosh in YEARS. I will never forget the time we tried to meet him at Marie Callenders near La Brea and we got hopelessly lost CROSSING THE STREET.

Where was I? Right.

There was also the random dream about Monica, a completely psycho woman I used to work with.

And I really have no clever and cute way to wrap up this entry. So. Uh… Bye?




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