My son

9 09 2006

Originally uploaded by zebrabelly.

He is definitely going to be one of those kids who wants to do everything himself. Mr. Independence.

The other day I offered him some crackers and he was thrilled, but when I plopped a few on the table for him, he started wailing – tears running down his cheeks, even! I’m not sure how I figured it out – Mommy’s a little psychic, I think – but finally I put the crackers in a little ziplock baggie and he was FINE. That was all he wanted – to eat out of a baggie. Like a big kid? Like he does in the stroller? I dunno.

He also insists on having a utensil whenever we sit down to eat – and it MUST be the same one all the grownups have. I can’t fool him into using a spoon when the rest of us have forks, oh no.

So, today he was in my husband’s arms and he pointed at the big serving/cooking spoons so I handed him one. And then he needed one for his other hand. Of course. And when we sat down to eat, my husband gave him a few noodles on a plate. I didn’t realize he still had one of the spoons on his lap, so to watch him manuever it out from under the table, wave it around in the air to properly orient it, then to aim it at the plate had me rolling!

That kid is something else, I tell you what.




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