Analbertos #1

2 09 2006

Analbertos #1
Originally uploaded by zebrabelly.

I actually took this photo months ago, on my birthday. Recently they changed the signs to “Anaibertos” which I’m not really sure how to say. And it’s way less fun than “Anal” but I only hope business will increase for them.




3 responses

4 09 2006

Very funny stuff!

4 09 2006

That’s just scary.

And I *think* the new way would be pronounced Ahn-a-EE-ber-tos. Anahi (like Ana with the emphasis being on the EE at the end) is a girls name in Spanish, so that’s what I’m guessing it’s from. But really, who knows?

7 09 2006

HAH! OMG that’s too funny, maybe they changed owners but the first sign (pictured) is too funny for words.

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