4 11 2008


For the first time in my parenting career, I am proud to be an American.  We have a long way to go, but for once, I can see we may be on the right path.  God help us, we stay that way.

Happy election day, my friends.

Congrats, my new president.

30 More Tiny Moments: Day 3.2

4 11 2008

Day 3.2 (or 4)

Election day! After voting today, I took some time to check off some things on my to do list.

And the WTF story of the week goes to…

29 08 2008

John McCain! As a friend declared, his choice of Palin as running mate is a “last ditch effort and blatant sexism.” And she? Is a nut. I am positively floored by the fact that she supports drilling in the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge. How much hairspray did she inhale in her past life? But possibly the bit I find to be the most stomach-churning is the fact that they are exploiting her sweet little baby with Down’s syndrome as if that proves how very pro-life she is. Like she is SUFFERING so much just because she is a saint and chose not to kill her child. God. I know many pro-choice women who would also not choose to abort a Down’s baby, yet they could do it without being a complete douche, unlike Palin.

Anyway, I’m linking you to one of my new favorite bloggers. I think I found her address through SOAM somehow and I’ve been entranced ever since. Her thoughts on the subject are pretty much my thoughts on it.


15 08 2008

~Took the kids to the dentist today where I learned they have a new program that gives points for things (good oral hygiene, no cavities, community service, etc) and you can use those points to earn things. They have a display case in the lobby (right next to the coffee bar) showing you all the things you can win. There are little things like astronaut ice cream and fairy puppets, and the items get fancier all the way up to – I swear I am not making this up – an iPhone. We have five points so far, we only need about 360 more.

~Selling a Hannah Montana blond wig in Southern San Diego seems somehow just a little racist.

~Here is a list of chores I am responsible for in this household:
Mopping/sweeping/vacuuming, sorting and folding laundry, cleaning kitchen and bathroom, dusting (not that I ever do this one, but that is beside the point), cooking, shopping for groceries and household supplies, keeping the kids clean, educating them and keeping them from killing each other, organizing the house, making the bed, putting away the dishes and loading the dishwasher, picking up the house, picking up after the messy people in the house, driving the kids places they need to be, taking out the recycling… Lots more I can’t think of yet this morning.

Here is a list of things The Husband does on a regular basis:
Taking out the trash, doing the laundry, putting detergent in the dishwasher and pressing start (I am, apparently, responsible for putting the detergent away after he leaves it on the counter).

And guess who complains about every single chore he has to do? I’ll give you a hint: not me!

~My son had a big day yesterday. First was a trip to the dentist (“To clean my mouf?”) where he was a STAR, I was so proud. He hated it, but he did his best to be brave and cooperative. Same thing during the car wash – he did his best to be strong and not cry (not that I think crying in itself is a bad thing, but I have learned that in a situation like that, allowing tears sends forth a neverending torrent of feelings which are impossible to deal with while we are both strapped in our seats). On a less scary note, he also downed an entire mini taco at Trader Joes – beef, spice and all. I just about fainted.

~Speaking of Trader Joe’s we got a $7 block of goat cheese free yesterday just because they love us so much.

~The Olympics are on our TV endlessly (unless The Husband is home) and we are having a blast watching.

~If you happen to make your child a “smoothie” with strawberry-flavored fish oil in it, and he just happens to accidentally spill it all over the floor: don’t wipe it up with anything you might want to keep ever because you will discover that the strawberry smell will wash out, but the oil itself will remain. Your laundry will smell for weeks and you will make a new habit of sniffing each piece of clean laundry before sorting and folding it. This is the reason they created paper towels. Use them guiltlessly.

~Speaking of laundry, I still have not found my black underwear. WTF? (Editor’s note: was that only a year ago? Feels like two. I guess life without black undies is harder than I thought.)

Logic. Our gov’t has it.

28 06 2008

And by that I mean they don’t have it.

There is a new law going into effect on Tuesday here in Cali. A law which I fully support. Or did until I realized how STUPID it is. See, starting Tuesday we will no longer be allowed to talk on the cell phone unless we are using a hands-free piece. Good idea, right? I am fully aware that simply having a conversation impairs driving ability, and so I see where this law doesn’t completely solve the problem. But you cannot stop a person from speaking, or thinking, or listening to music. But you can at least take objects out of their hands so that they can, you know, steer the car ‘n stuff.

However. The law is sorely incomplete. Here is a list of the things you are still allowed to do while driving:
1. Dialing phone numbers.
2. Putting the hands-free ear piece on.
3. Plugging the hands-free piece into the phone.

and? The most inane one yet?


Because it’s totally safer to text people than to talk to them while holding the damn phone. Riiiiight.

And here I offer our lawmakers a big, huge, WTF??? I fully expect an answer, thankyouverymuch.


25 06 2008

Last night we went to the public pool to swim only to be turned away because it was full. Not to the naked eye, though. To the naked eye it looked pretty darn empty. Apparently the budget cuts mean fewer lifeguards and fewer lifeguards mean fewer swimmers. The good news is that if we ever arrive early enough we know the pool won’t be too crowded. Nevertheless it was frustrating.

Today we tried to attend to storytime only to be told essentially the same thing. Yes, the library is also short on lifeguards. Because I am feeling proactive this week (stay tuned for my nasty letter to the grocery store) I wrote them a little note. And then because I am SO DAMN PROUD of it’s awesomeness, I had to save it here. Which means you have to read it. Enjoy. And then tell me who’s dumb? That’s right. The answer is President George W. Bush. I can trace any problem back to GWB. I am talented in that way.

To the Children’s Librarian and Staff,

I am a homeschooling mom of two, native to this community and a true CV’an at heart. My children and I have been attending storytimes and other programs regularly since my oldest was two years old. (In fact I grew up in this library and my grandma volunteered there when I was small so I have many fond memories myself.) We love the storytimes, and especially the Summer Reading program. From what I hear from my friends who live in other areas of the county, the CV libraries are some of the best over all and I am always proud to show off the awesome Children’s Room when our friends come. In short, we adore the library and all you do.

That is why we were disappointed today when we showed up 10 minutes early for the storytime and craft only to be told that it was already closed to any more children doing the crafts. I understand the limit of supplies – and I certainly think that supplies for 60 children is more than reasonable – but I think that if the budget does not allow for an additional storytime, then perhaps a note could have been posted on the website to arrive early?

We decided to stay to hear the stories anyway but there were only two stories told today and we had missed nearly all of the first one. The entire storytime was over before 2:00pm which was when it was supposed to start. My six year old was very disappointed and I was frustrated.

We will try coming early from now on to avoid this problem in the future.

Another thing I would like to address is the switch this year from number of books read to time spent reading for the Summer Reading Program. This change works well for my daughter, but it is very hard for my three-year-old to sit still for 15 minutes and I have a feeling he will not make it to the 6-hour mark that is required for a prize. He has already read more than 10 books, but at his reading level this amounts to less than one hour. I hope you consider switching back next year, or at the very least offering an alternative for the younger kids who don’t have the attention spans to read as much as their older siblings.

Thank you for your consideration into this. Thank you also for all you do for our community. You help to make CV my very favorite place to live.

I was tempted to write the pool a letter as well, telling them how I can solve all their problems (because, truly, I can), but then I became afraid that they would listen to me and post a note about arriving early and then everyone would read it and then we’d NEVER get in because instead of arriving 15 minutes early (which is do-able with small kids) we’d have to arrive an hour ahead of time (SO not do-able) and you know I decided maybe? they didn’t need me to solve their problems after all. (Also, I am very talented in the way of run-on sentences.)

In The News

18 06 2008

So yesterday was, of course, a historic day for California – finally legalizing gay marriages! It was emotional and beautiful to watch the happy couples on the news and in person (we joined the local UU church in supporting the couples and giving them roses at the courthouse down the street from me).

But the thing I don’t get – will never be able to understand – is the fear and hatred from certain parties who protest against same-sex marriages. They are going so far as to get a proposition put on the November ballot which, if passed, will not only re-illegalize (like that word?) gay marriage, but will render any current ones null and void. Lovely.

WTF??? WHY do they CARE? I cannot comprehend it. I have heard all the arugments inside and out – and growing up as a Christian they were taught to me. But they never made any sense to me at all.

I once had a therapist tell me that all feelings can be traced back to two root emotions – love or fear. I think this is similar – all their weak arguments and reasoning can be traced back to fear. Some of it is blatant fear – they argue that their churches will be forced to perform these marriages they don’t believe in. Some of it is thinly veiled as some form of morality – they say that changing the definition of the word marriage will somehow degrade other marriages (which, really, is possibly the most offensive argument). The one that makes the least sense to me (and none of them make any sense, really) is when they argue that changing the definition of marriage isn’t FAIR to them. That’s so self-centered it isn’t even funny. Because how has ANYTHING in the past been fair to the GLBT community?

There are many reasons I left the Christian church, but the one thing I will NEVER get past (and that made me sick to my stomach even as a Christian) is when people drag Jesus into this and spread hatred in his name. That’s equivalent to killing in the name of Ghandi or Martin Luther King or the Dalai Lama.

Needless to say watching the news yesterday just about made my head explode.

On the other hand, it also made me all warm and fuzzy and maybe just a little verklempt. Congrats to all who can now (and hopefully forever!) enjoy their marital bliss.

The Earth Moves

18 04 2008

I had to call my dad and see how they fared during an earthquake over in Illinois this morning.

The irony does not escape me.

God willing he will not be calling me to ask about tornadoes any time soon. Or, you know, ever.

People I meet on the internets seem to think all of California participates in regular, deadly earthquakes. This was pretty much my view on San Fransico as a child, actually, so I understand it, but it’s so untrue. I find it funny*, actually, that they will brave tornadoes without a blink, but the idea of an earthquake sends shivers down their spines.

One day last summer, my friend Anna called me and told me she had pulled off the road into a safe building to wait out a tornado and could I please distract her by telling her all about earthquakes? I didn’t have a lot to say, really. For one thing, it seems most hit while I’m asleep. I thought maybe I was just tripping in saying so, but Elaine** recently confirmed it and, well, Elaine is never wrong.***

Anyway, I have since considered writing a complete list of all the memories I have of earthquakes, but have been afraid of tempting karma. Because for all I am not afraid of living here in general, I am not fond of the idea of the earth not being solid under my feet. Especially not while I am living here in all it’s 3+ years of termite damage.

So, with a reminder to karma that I completely understand the terrible power of the tectonic plates, I figured now was a good enough time to discuss this.

My earliest memory was of sitting on my couch in our home in Paradise Hills with my mom. The house was neat and clean so it must have been early in my life. I was terrified. I had no idea what was happening and I’m not even sure I was much aware of the concept of earthquakes before that. I imagine it must have lasted about 15 seconds and if I had to guess, I’d think it felt like the couch was rocking.

I have another memory of my mom telling someone it felt like the cement slab in the back yard was rolling waves like the ocean. I am not sure if my memory of this one is completely wiped out, or if this is part of the previous memory and she was not on the couch with me at the time the quake hit.

When I was in about 3rd or 4th grade, we had two nights in a row around the same time in the evening when an earthquake struck. But I didn’t feel eaither of those as I was driving up a pothole-riddled dirt road in Lakeside but nights.

The big Frisco quake hit when I was in 6th grade, but, of course, I didn’t feel that one, either. I do remember hearing it on the evening news and waking my mom because her friend had recently moved to the area. After this one, I was terrified to go over or under bridges of any sort for years.

During one summer when I was in junior high, I woke early in the morning at my friend’s house to her bed rocking side to side. She didn’t stir. I forumlated a plan for the next few days of what I would do if an aftershock were to hit while I was in the shower. It never did.

The next one I remember was in January of 1994. That was, of course, the Northridge Quake. I had that Monday off school for a holiday so I had stayed up late to watch the world premiere of Disarm on 120 Minutes. (Remind me to tell you how I had to press one to talk to a sexy girl). Early that morning, I felt the bed shift as though one of the cats had come to snuggle. No one was there. I didn’t think of it again until I woke and saw the news.

I don’t remember any more until I was an adult and living with the then-boyfriend. He was working graveyard shift at the time so I was alone – in fact this is the only one I have ever been alone for to date. It woke me at night, but I don’t remember anything else about it.

There was one while I was pregnant with M just over six years ago now. I worked on the 8th floor at the time and just felt an odd shift. No one else felt it and it wasn’t until we heard the news later did we realize it was, in fact, a quake.

When M was a baby we were sitting in the living room of our upstairs apartment when I heard bang and felt a jolt. I’d never experienced a quake so short so I jumped up to find the truck that had crashed into the apartment building. There was none, of course.

At some point during M’s toddlerhood we were out in Alpine at her doctor appointment and recieved a phone call from the husband asking if we’d felt it. We hadn’t.

And… that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. In my entire lifetime there have been two devastating earthquakes in California. How many devastating tornados have there been in Tornado Alley? Point proven.

Karma: please don’t hurt me!

*Not ha-ha funny.
**Woohoo! Two Elaine-references this week!
***Not confirmed scientifically.

Rest in Peace, Bees.

16 04 2008

Not too long ago, Elaine was over here lamenting her bee issues and I SWEAR TO YOU not three days later, a group of bees stopped in here for a visit. Clearly, the bees smelled her and came to say wazzup.

But, see, my bees weren’t harming anyone. They weren’t building a hive, they were just migrating. They were piled on the side of the building waiting until the weather warmed up before they left to find the perfect hive (probably in Elaine’s wall).

Unfortunately, the particular spot they chose just happened to overhang onto someone’s screened-in balcony. And that someone happens to be one of the nastiest women I have ever met. In all eight years I’ve lived here, she has never smiled once and only yells at her great-grandson. She’s awful. And I don’t say things like that lightly.

I guess she didn’t want to share her home with the bees because she took a can of Raid and sprayed them from the inside of the screen. This pisses me off for SO many reasons.

1. She pissed off a colony of bees with no regard to who was outside at that moment.
2. She left dead bee bodies all over the ground where kids play. Even if the kids wear shoes (which they generally do), they could fall on their knees. It’s irresponsible.
3. There is an effing bee shortage! Our farmers need those bees so we can do silly things like grow food.

If the bees had been building a hive, I can see removing them responsibly. Absolutely! But this just really chaps my hide. yes, I did just quote a Pace Picante Sauce commercial. You gotta problem withhat??

In short. Rest in peace, bees.

Very Important Update

24 10 2007

The news just reported that the firefighters have plenty of hose.

Say it out loud.

Hint: I have the sense of humor of a 17-year-old boy.


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